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Raf Orlowski

BSc PhD CEng FIOA MIET, Director, Acoustics
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In November 2009, Ericsson’s Dublin staff occupied four leased buildings at two locations. With leases due for renewal in June 2010, the client wished to refurbish two of the properties to accommodate all employees in one area and surrender the remaining ones.

Ramboll's services engineers were asked to identify the most appropriate buildings for refurbishment as well assessing existing and future services provision. The new services design was implemented at Ericsson's headquarters — a 1960s precast concrete structure and at the more modern Boole House, built in the 1980s.

Original drawings and existing information for both buildings was incomplete, making assessment of the services more challenging. Existing services for the HQ ran underneath egg-crate flooring, making identification and stripping out of cabling a potentially time-consuming exercise. By cutting cores through the floors and fishing cables out to connect to power and data outlets located under the desks, we minimised time and expense. Boole House's raised floors meant cable access was easier but various issues had to be addressed, such as poor iinstallation quality and improperly earthed wiring.

As well as making provisions for the server and communications rooms, the new auditorium required audiovisual equipment and microphones, while smart board technology was installed in each of the training rooms. Natural ventilation was maintained in both buildings but heating was upgraded and cooling added. Light fittings with photovoltaic sensors were installed and energy metering and monitoring put in place. The power supply has been assessed in a post-occupancy evaluation and only minor amendments were required.

The fast-track programme for this scheme created logistical issues, requiring phased construction and multiple handovers. Both buildings remained occupied and operational throughout refurbishment. Cost savings were made where possible by reusing or recycling the original equipment and materials and the project completed on time and on cost.


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