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A central district of Slovenia's capital city is to be completely transformed by an ambitious mixed use development that incorporates commercial, residential, retail, hotel, sports and leisure facilities for day and night. Ramboll's engineers and consultants have provided structural, building services, fire and transport engineering for the concept design.

Two high-rise buildings and an extensive two-storey superstructure with two- and three-storey basements provide the main accommodation. The taller tower consists of 26 floors of office space, the other tower, 17 floors of apartments. The superstructure is designed for retail and leisure uses and features large column-free zones, with retail and parking for 3,500 cars at basement levels.

Railway lines bisect the site, restricting space and influencing the structural solutions. The scheme's concept design is based on spanning 80m across the railway using a bridging concrete structure. Details such as the size and placement of columns, clearance heights and construction scheduling, have been negotiated with the railway authority. The deck of the 'bridge' is to accommodate shops and open green areas, including an outdoor running track.

Our building services engineers have taken a low energy approach to the design of services, ensuring that their solutions meet local regulations. The transport planning team has focused on the smooth integration of the development with the surrounding infrastructure, and our fire engineers have used 3D modelling to check potential smoke behaviour in the buildings and ensure adequate ventilation.

fire & safety

An ambitious mixed use development is planned for a central district of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Ramboll's fire engineers worked with our structural experts, building services consultants and transport planners on the concept design for the scheme, which will provide commercial, residential, retail, hotel and sports and leisure facilities. The site is bisected by a railway line and is part of a larger local masterplan.

A series of major structures is intended for the site, including a 26-storey office tower, a 17-storey residential tower and a two-storey superstructure housing retail and sports and leisure facilities. Additional retail accommodation and car parking is available within the basement levels and a long-span concrete bridging structure straddles the railway lines and offers transport links.

Our fire engineers designed the fire strategy for the development to conform to UK NFPA standards. A 3D computer model of the scheme was used to perform extensive smoke movement testing. From this, a specialised approach was developed for the retail areas to provide adequate ventilation while still preserving the open spaces favoured by the architect. The areas below-ground were of particular interest: impulse fan systems are proposed for the car parks.

The developed computer model was used to show that a progressive horizontal evacuation strategy would operate successfully. We were also able to satisfy requirements and justify the extension of travel distances to exits beyond the recommended standards using the smoke simulation software.

Transport planning, traffic engineering and traffic safety

Ramboll's transport planners co-ordinated with the local masterplanners of a central district in Ljubljana to ensure smooth integration of a proposed extensive new mixed use development with existing and planned transport infrastructure. Our structural, building services and fire engineers also worked on the scheme's concept design.

The scheme provides commercial, residential, retail, hotel, sports and leisure facilities accommodated in two high-rise towers and a large two storey superstructure with basements below. In addition, a long span concrete bridging structure spans the railway lines that bisect the site, providing space above to retail and green open area.

An iterative design process in conjunction with the architect was used to optimise site layout in relation to the transport of people, goods and waste. We helped develop a car park management system for the two planned public car parks and for several smaller car parks in the site's residential zones — 3,500 parking spaces in all. Outside the site, traffic analysis led to suggestions to the masterplanners for improvements to some road junctions.

Close co-ordination with our structural engineers was required for the optimum design of the retail loading bays and waste storage and collection. Part of our work on the concept design has been to lay the foundations of a comprehensive loading and servicing strategy.


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