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Image: Peter Corcoran, with permission of BGS

Image: Peter Corcoran, with permission of BGS


Dave Grove. Ramboll

Dave Grove

Director, and government lead
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Ramboll has been appointed by NERC (the UK’s main agency for funding environmental sciences) to provide the British Geological Survey (BGS) with multidisciplinary services as they create a new ‘observatory for the underground’. 

The £31m UK Geoenergy Observatories project will provide important research evidence on natural resources for heat and energy and follows the government announcement in the 2014 Autumn Statement to create world-class subsurface energy research test centres.

NERC’s strategy, The Business of the Environment, identified the importance of increasing the understanding of subsurface processes in order to benefit from and protect natural resources. The project has the aim to enable world-leading knowledge that will be applicable to a wide range of energy technologies and is a response to the UK’s commitment to implementing a transition to a low-carbon energy system.

BGS, the UK’s leading research centre in geoscience, will undertake research at two research field sites. This research will underpin the development of energy technologies and advance understanding of the underground environment. 

Ramboll is supporting the BGS with all phases of the project from planning and environmental assessment, design and construction through to implementation.

Video with permission of BGS.


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