4G boosts Ramboll in India


Pankaj Sachdeva, Country Market Director – Energy & Telecom

Pankaj Sachdeva

Global Spearhear Director, Towers & Telecom
T: +91 40 4032 2065

Reliance Jio has just awarded Ramboll in India with a major contract for tubular telecom towers. The project is a further consolidation of Ramboll's position as a global leader within analysis, design, and construction of masts and towers. 

Reliance Jio is part of Reliance Industries Limited, one of India's largest companies, and it is the only telecom operator in India which has a nationwide 4G-license.

The first order of more than 3,200 towers had already been released to Ramboll's partners in India in January 2014. Ramboll's selected quality steel manufacturers in India will produce the towers according to Ramboll's detailed design.

World class design

Today Ramboll's design philosophy is well-known to the mobile operators and network vendors globally. With a history in analysis, design, and construction of towers and masts since 1945, some 25,000-30,000 masts and towers bear the stamp of Ramboll's design all around the world. And today, Ramboll ranks as the no. 1 design firm in this field.

Extensive involvement in international codes and standards, and chairing the only global expert group on masts and towers, has brought Ramboll in the forefront of development within analysis, design, and construction of masts and towers in the global arena.

Ramboll Towers in India

Ramboll introduced the triangular tubular lattice tower concept in India in 2005, and by teaming up with a few quality Indian steel manufacturers, the Ramboll towers have since been widely accepted by the operators in India as being the most cost effective solution for their network.

With a steady focus on reducing the total site costs for our customers, our masts and towers have been optimised with regard to minimising wind load, foundations, logistics and installation time. All while maintaining the high quality.





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