Unmanned wellhead platforms for Norwegian waters

Unmanned wellhead platform

Unmanned wellhead platform


Dag A. Nilsen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Dag A. Nilsen

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Services we provided

The unmanned wellhead platform is a development concept under consideration for several licenses on the Norwegian continental shelf. Ramboll carried out a study for The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate pointing out pros and cons of the concept.

A cost-effective alternative to subsea solutions

The main driver for introducing unmanned wellhead platforms (UWPs) is to identify a cost and production efficient development solution that can offer similar functionality and robustness as a subsea development.

Thorough concept evaluation

Based on Ramboll’s extensive experience within the design of minimum-facility platforms, The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (Oljedirektoratet) awarded Ramboll the study regarding UWPs. In the study Ramboll described the different conceptual UWP solutions, limitations and opportunities as well as risks of such developments. 

Tailor-made minimum-facility solutions

Historically, UWPs have been designed in different variations - from simple dry wellhead installations to more advanced UWPs with processing equipment, shelter and helideck etc. There are also different access-concepts under consideration comparing boat vs. helicopter. 

Client expresses satisfaction with Ramboll experts

Ramboll has a long track-record of designing minimum-facility platforms and UWPs for the Danish North Sea going all the way back to the late 1980s.
Niels Erik Hald, Chief Engineer at The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, said about working with Ramboll:
‘All in all, Ramboll has left a very positive impression as an approachable project partner, who exhibits a good understanding of their client’s challenges. Ramboll’s extensive experience with the design and operation of unmanned wellhead platforms – particularly in the Danish sector – has provided us with valuable information. Moreover, Ramboll’s comprehensive knowledge about Norwegian and Danish regulatory frameworks has proven very useful to us, indeed.’
For more information, please go to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's web page.


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