South Timbalier Field - Two Platforms for B Complex


Jesper Thomsen

Jesper W. Thomsen

Business Development Director, North Sea
T: +45 5161 2375

Ramboll provided engineering services for a fast track offshore project in the Gulf of Mexico. 

El Paso Production (now Kinder Morgan Inc.) contracted Excel Engineering (now Ramboll) for the design of two platforms to be located in the South Timbalier Block 204, which is an oil field in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast (US). The project for the Block 204 "B" complex comprised a production platform (B-Production) and a bridge connected auxiliary platform (B-Aux) in 153 ft. / 47 m. of water. 

El Paso Production outlined an aggressive project schedule where design, fabrication, installation and start-up were to be completed in nine months for B-Aux and seven months for B-Production.  

Ramboll succeeded in meeting the tight schedule and also managed all coordination with pipeline companies and compressor vendor. The two platforms were designed for simultaneous operations.

Ramboll provided engineering for the structural and facilities design, procurement, and project and construction management. 

Production rates for the B-Production platform were estimated at 30,000 BPD Condensate and 5,000 BPD Water. For the B-Auxiliary platform 30,000 BPD Condensate, 380 MMSCFD Gas and 5,000 BPD Water.


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Company registration

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