Nini and Cecilie - Minimum-facility platforms for a marginal field

LEGO man on oil rig

LEGO man on oil rig


Henrik Møller, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Henrik Møller

M.Sc., Civil & Structural Engineering, Director, Engineering Services, Denmark
T: +45 5161 7394

Services we provided

Ramboll has assisted DONG Energy with a development project for modification of the Siri field in the North Sea, where we designed two lightweight and robust minimum-facility platforms, Nini and Cecilie.The two unmanned wellhead platforms operate as satellites tied back to the mother platform, Siri, via three inter-field pipelines. The water depth is approximately 60 metres.

Ramboll's unique design

Specifically our scope of work comprised: detailed design of the two mono tower jackets, each equipped with 10 well slots and seven risers and with a weight of 2000 tonnes. Detailed design of two minimum topsides, both equipped with a helideck and with a weight of 700 tonnes. The platforms, which are designed to produce 40.000 barrels/day each, were successfully installed in 2003.

DONG and Ramboll have worked successfully together

"DONG Energy and Ramboll Oil & Gas have worked successfully together for many years. Our crowning achievement is our cooperation on designing two satellites, tied back to the Siri field, where Ramboll designed two almost identical platforms, Nini and Cecilie, for us.

At the time, the low oil prices called for cost-effective solutions. But the design also had to meet international standards and DONG's requirements for safety, easy access and maintenance. Ramboll proposed a design for two lightweight, mono-column platforms with internal conductors, a helideck and boat landing that are perfectly suited for the harsh environment of the North Sea.

The platforms are still going strong and producing as planned, so it is no accident that DONG has nicknamed them NiCe."

Lars Bruvoll, Senior Vice President, DONG Energy A/S


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Company registration

Company registration

Ramboll UK Limited. Registered in England & Wales. Company registration no. 03659970. Registered office: 240 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NW

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