Khor Mor LPG Recovery Plant - Kurdistan’s first power plant


Eric Dickson

Eric Dickson

Project Manager
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Dana Gas - a private sector, natural gas company - was appointed to develop, process and transport natural gas from the Khor Mor Gas Field in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, in order to provide natural gas to fuel domestic electric power generation plants near Erbil and Suleymania which provide electricity supplies to over four million Iraqis. This project has saved the Kurdistan Regional Government the need to use diesel for power generation with significant cost savings. 

16 months of fast-track field development

The fast-track development of the Khor Mor gas field and construction of a 176km natural gas transmission pipeline were completed in just 16 months, and production of gas and condensate started in August 2008. A two train gas processing plant, with a capacity of 300MMscfpd, was constructed at Khor Mor with LPG production commencing in January 2011.

Detailed engineering for the Khor Mor LPG Recovery Plant

Exterran - a global provider of full-service natural gas compression – subcontracted Ramboll Excel Engineering to do the engineering and design of the foundations, interconnecting piping and interconnecting electrical and instrumentation for the gas cryogenic and processing plant in the Khor Mor field.

The process and utilities plant treats 300 MMSCFD of sour inlet gas and stabilizes 25,000 BPD of raw condensate. The other plant products, LPG and NGL, are transported from the site by truck. Security concerns lead to several innovative designs to protect equipment against potential terrorist attack. The equipment and tower foundations were designed for Seismic Zone 2 service.  

A world class gas field

Ongoing studies to evaluate the Khor Mor reservoirs highlight the fact that it has the potential of a world class gas field. Whilst the existing wells on Khor Mor have been tested and have sufficient deliverability to meet the current requirements of the power stations, plans are in place for drilling new wells with the dual objective of delineating the fields and increasing deliverable capacity.


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