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The Hejre field development project in the north-western part of the Danish sector of the North Sea will be one of the largest Danish investments in offshore oil and gas production for many years to come.

Ramboll has been involved in the project for a number of years.

The operator, DONG E&P, and its license partner Bayerngas Norge, have recently made concept selection and aim to start producing first oil in 2015.

Increase in reliability of supply

“The development of the Hejre field will not only be of great importance to DONG Energy and our partner, Bayerngas Norge, but also to the Danish society in the form of increased reliability of supply,” says Phillip Johannes Lafeber, Director of Developing Assets in DONG E&P.

At the future platform, the Hejre production will be separated in Live Oil (NGLs added to the oil) and sales gas. The Live Oil will be exported to Gorm E via a new 90-km pipeline, and then further on to the DONG oil terminal in Fredericia.

The large amounts of the valuable NGL is what makes the Hejre development unique in Denmark, requiring a dedicated onshore gas plant to be built next to the DONG terminal to process the NGLs. The sales gas from Hejre will be exported  via a new 24-km pipeline to the Syd Arne-Nybro gas line, for transportation onto the Nybro Gas Treatment Plant near the Danish west coast.

Feasibility studies and FEED tender preparation

Ramboll has been involved since 2006 with feasibility studies over concept selection in 2010 and FEED tender preparation in 2010.

Various development scenarios evaluated

Development scenarios were evaluated for each of the minor fields in the area. The following scenarios were considered: a subsea completion vs. unmanned platform installation, pipeline configuration, tie back to existing hosts in the area, new host platform close by an existing host vs. a standalone process platform.

Ramboll carried out the subsea vs. platform studies, the pipeline routing, as well as the host vs. new process platform evaluation.

Furthermore, Ramboll performed process simulations, flow assurance, material selection, risk evaluation, environmental screening, life cycle cost estimation, and business case calculations.


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