Extension of underground gas storage facility, EIA, at Lille Torup


Søren Knudsen

MSc, Chemistry, Project Manager
T: +45 5161 8961

Energinet.dk planned an extension of their gas storage facility in Lille Torup. The facility comprises an underground gas storage in a salt cavern an a processing plant. Ramboll provided a number of environmental assessment services for the project.

The existing Lille Torup underground storage comprises 7 caverns located approx. 1500 m under the surface. An extension is planned with up to 9 new caverns and extension of existing caverns via re-leaching, and extension of the processing plant with new compressors and gas drying equipment. The storage is a part of the Danish natural gas system and is essential for the security of supply to Danish gas consumers.

Ramboll provided EIA and authorisation assistance for the extension of the gas storage facility via re-leaching of existing caverns and phased extension with up to 9 new caverns and new process facilities. Ramboll's services comprised studies and authorisation assistance to:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment, EIA
  • Strategic Environmental Assessement, SEA
  • Safety analysis and report
  • Environmental approval
  • Permit for release of water from cavern leaching


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