Links Golf Course

Links Golf Course is a high quality, unique attraction to put Abu Dhabi on the map, and Ramboll provided the infrastructure to make it happen.

Attracting visitors from around the world, the Yas Island development is a leisure oasis near Abu Dhabi by ALDAR Properties. The golf course comprises 18-holes within Yas Island, providing entertainment and enjoyment alongside the Formula One Circuit and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Engineering a golf course for the desert

Ramboll provided the expert knowledge to make a golf course in the desert possible. Our scope included the design and site supervision of the roads, car parks, and utilities, as well as site supervision services for the creation of the golf course.

The utilities include potable water network, sewerage, drainage, irrigation network, fire fighting facilities, district cooling lines, gas system, street lighting and power network. The golf course infrastructure design we provided included earth work, drainage, irrigation, sand capping, hydro-seeding, sprigging, landscaping and the construction of greens and bunkers as well as 2 million gallon water tanks and pumping stations.

Global knowledge, local excellence

Creating a golf course in this harsh climate requires expert knowledge of the local environment, as well as expert knowledge of infrastructure engineering. Ramboll engineers from Sweden moved to Abu Dhabi to help successfully design the waste water services, and learn from the local engineers the specific design challenges of the Middle East.

While overseeing the irrigation installation, it was discovered the surface materials of the golf course were not absorbing the water, resulting is large scale water ponding on the course. The dredged sand used to create the course did not meet the expected level of permeability and could not absorb the water correctly. Ramboll's experts investigated the problem and we were able to identify solutions for the designers to solve this problem.

Scheduled to open October 2009, Abu Dhabi's new links Golf Course will soon be a shining example of Ramboll’s global knowledge combined with local excellence.


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