Creek Towers and Plaza

Nikken Sekkei's Dubai Maritime City complex, Creek Towers and Plaza in Dubai

Nikken Sekkei's Dubai Maritime City complex, Creek Towers and Plaza in Dubai


 Ali Amiri, Head of Specialisms, Middle East

Dr. Ali Amiri

Head of Specialisms, Middle East
T: +971 4 3343616

A five tower office complex surrounding a central plaza in the world’s first maritime business centre.  The first ever purpose-built maritime center in the world, Dubai maritime city, will serve as an international hub for maritime business.

One idea, five buildings

Creek Towers is a complex of five high end office towers surrounded by creek Plaza, a series of specialty stores, activity spaces, and restaurants organized along a pedestrian promenade.

Acting as the main axis to Landmark Tower, the landscaped city square will provide a unique working environment as well as a pleasant all-year pedestrian experience. mist machines will operate and shading pergolas will be installed to beat the summer heat.

Ramboll was instructed to carry out the façade design for all five buildings. The architectural vision for the development required that the individual tower façades had to have a similar look, all with one similarly curved aspect, in spite of the different dimensions of the towers.

Our specialist façades team worked closely with the architects from world famous Nikken Sekkei to ensure this vision was realized, while catering for integrated lighting, curved façade surfaces and added sun shading devices.

With consideration for the future residents, the lightbox detail on the façades was designed with maintenance hatches every few floors, minimizing the amount of interference caused by future work.

Reclaimed land challenges

As the buildings in Dubai maritime city are constructed on reclaimed land on a purpose-built headland in Port Rashed, the project also posed several challenges for our structural engineering team who worked on the project.

To ensure strong foundations the weak reclaimed soil was strengthened using dynamic vibration methods to compact the soil and stone columns.

Foundations in reclaimed soil also need to be built on piles to ensure the building can withstand potential earthquakes, which would weaken the soil. our structures team ensured the foundations met all local and international standards.


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Company registration

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