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 Ali Amiri, Head of Specialisms, Middle East

Dr. Ali Amiri

Head of Specialisms, Middle East
T: +971 4 3343616

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Cleveland Clinic is the future of healthcare in the Middle East region

This 7 star, state-of-the-art, 22-storey facility promises to set the benchmark in this sector for years to come. In the UAE, such a beacon of progress deserves to be eye catching.

Ramboll was commissioned to check all engineering of the facade systems, including complex double skin arrangements, glass fin walls, skylights etc. As is often the case in a project of this scale, with a rapid building schedule, the design remit evolved.

This raised design and technical questions that required immediate consideration and implementation. Flexibility and the ability to respond intelligently and intuitively to design challenges have long been by-words of the Ramboll brand.

The Façades team was able to draw from its experience and expertise to ensure that the suggested changes were cost effective, easy to implement and would ensure the design integrity of the building’s beautiful architecture.



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Company registration

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