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Photo: Eniig

Photo: Eniig


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One of Denmark’s largest energy providers, Eniig, had the ambition of becoming even more customer centric in their thinking and approach to customers and markets. To customise just the right solution the energy provider approached Ramboll Management Consulting to help create a better overview of different customer surveys and results.

The solution needed to accommodate two primary concerns: Firstly, Eniig’s requirement for faster and more actionable insights and secondly improved opportunities for stakeholders across the organisation to easily view and analyse customer data on a day-to-day basis.

Multi-disciplinary capabilities

To succeed with this new market intelligence platform, Ramboll put together a team of consultants reflecting strong capabilities within business, survey, and it-consulting.

In close collaboration with the project team at Eniig, Ramboll’s experts reviewed the existing data collection process and proposed the development of a new market intelligence platform. The proposal came complete with improved data collection methods, reviewed survey questionnaires, and a custom-made dashboard, including features that empower users to create and share their own research and reports.

- During the whole process, Ramboll engaged various stakeholders within Eniig. This was done through workshops in the planning and design phase of the new market intelligence platform to fulfil the organisation’s needs on both a strategic, tactical, and operational level.

An innovative approach to market intelligence

When Ramboll completed the new market intelligence platform in October 2017, Eniig received a brand-new platform customised to Eniig’s specific business needs. The platform gathers data from multiple data sources on a day-to-day basis – from internal Eniig customer data, to data on market trends in the energy sector.

According to Michael H. Thomsen, project manager at Eniig, the platform has already given Eniig a better overview with faster access to insights and improved tools that allows for a better analysis of customer data:

- We have already gained a significantly improved, and more flexible, platform for all our customer and market analyses. The next step is to engage the entire organisation to reap the gains of the new platform at all levels and across our offices and many locations.

More about Eniig

Eniig a.m.b.a. was created after a merger between EnergiMidt and Himmerlands Elforsyning on January 1st, 2016. After acquisitions in 2016 and 2017, Eniig is one of the largest energy providers in Denmark providing services to Denmark’s area. The services comprise electricity, district heating, fiber broad band and more.


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