Hevossaari water intake plant


Osmo Niiranen

Senior Consultant
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The Hevossaari water intake plant is being built in Heinola, Southern Finland. The plant will be inaugurated in late winter 2011, and will serve as the primary household water supply in Heinola. Ramboll has been in charge of all the planning stages and sub-areas.

The water intake area will mainly consist of an old soil extraction area, around which there still is some untouched esker area left. Water intake will have no impact on ground water conditions in the esker areas, such as spring environments. Thus, water intake will cause as little harm as possible to the landscape and nature.

Construction, structures, pipes and machinery using Building Information Modelling

Ramboll has the overall responsibility for the overall and implementation planning of the water intake plant, as well as supervision of the construction work. We were in charge of groundwater surveys, general planning, planning and sizing of the water treatment process, soil testing during implementation planning, mapping and geotechnical planning, structural and construction design, and machinery, electrical, instrumentation and automation design. As a result of the successful implementation planning, Ramboll was chosen to supervise the construction work.

During the implementation planning process, Ramboll used Building Information Modelling (BIM) for structural and construction design as well as pipe and machinery design. All the steps of structural design were performed using the Tekla Structures 3D BIM software. 3D modelling was also used for the design of reinforced concrete structures in the basins and the building’s load-bearing outer wall structures and face work.

The advantages of BIM include improved efficiency of the design process, correctness and easy alignment of designs and visualisation.


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