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Thomas Rand

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Maabjerg BioEnergy, which is one of the world’s largest biogas plants, was initiated by a group of local farmers together with local energy supply companies.

The biogas plant utilises a wide variety of biomass resources. Manure from pigs, cattle and mink constitutes the majority of the biomass treated in the plant, whilst waste products from dairies and abattoirs, sewage sludge, energy crops and industrial waste are also be utilised. A total of approximately 600,000 tonnes of biomass is handled annually. The plant produces approximately 20 million m3 biogas annually.

The bioenergy plant consists of a biogas plant and a separating plant and a transport system for manure. The biogas generated in the plant is used on site to produce both heat and electricity, and surplus biogas is exported to nearby combined heat and power plants. The dewatered remains of the biomass are treated separately by an external operator.

The plant supports an environmentally friendly development in both the agricultural and the energy sector in the region. Thus, the bioenergy plant reduces the discharge of nutrients (phosphor and nitrogen) to the water environment, reduces odour problems related to the spreading of manure on fields, and features an improved utilisation of nutrients in the manure. In this way, the bioenergy plant strengthens the competitiveness of the agricultural sector.

At the same time, the local energy production using renewable resources has increased. In total, the plant  has reduced greenhouse emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes CO2-equivalents annually.

Ramboll assisted the Client in participation in the Concerto Program and was involved in early stage feasibility studies in 2006-2008.

The plant was procured as a multi package procurement exercise (12 packages).

Ramboll’s services in 2008-2010 included:

  • Responsibility for competitive procurement of:
    • Steel and concrete digesters
    • Mechanical and electrical installations
    • Odour reduction equipment
    • Dewatering equipment
    • Biogas handling systems
  • Management of required approvals
  • Environmental Impact Assessment


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Company registration

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