Pre-study on geothermal energy in Ikast, Herning and Silkeborg

Seismic survey using vibrator vehicles sending shock waves into the ground

Seismic survey using vibrator vehicles sending shock waves into the ground


Anders Møller

Geothermal energy specialist
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Ramboll evaluates the geothermal heat potential and geological structures for three energy companies in the center of Jutland, Denmark.

A general interest in new energy sources such as geothermal heat and a wish for having more sources of energy supply have initiated this pre-study. The client is district heating companies owned by three different municipalities (Silkeborg Fjernvarme, Ikastværkerne and EnergiMidt) in the center of Jutland, Denmark.

The client initiated the project in order to gain an overview over the potential energy sources for the future heat production. The future challenge is to have access to plenty, price efficient and environmental friendly energy sources in order to maintain district heating as the preferred heat source in the area.

Ramboll's role is to describe the geothermal potential and possibilities of using geothermal heat as one of several energy sources in the area. By selecting the areas with the highest potential the client can evaluate if they want to develop a geothermal project individually or as a joint venture.

The next step is expected to be a technical / economic evaluation of a joint geothermal production and distribution system. If the outcome of the evaluation is positive, a pre–study including seismic data acquisition, test drilling and a reservoir test will be made.

An increased knowledge of the geothermal potential provides the clients with the opportunity to select more solutions, thus ensuring increased supply security when the future heating systems are being defined.


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Company registration

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