Systematizing and optimising the maintenance regime in Hafslund - Norway's largest district heating supplier


Linn Helland

Country Manager, Ramboll Energy Norway
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Hafslund supplies environmentally friendly heat and hot water to large sections of Oslo’s population through its district heating grid. In 2013 Hafslund produced 1.7 TWh (billions of kWh) of district heating, which equals around 20 percent of Oslo’s heating requirements, or the heating needs of around 170,000 households. The company is Norway’s largest supplier of district heating and is responsible for 36 percent of all district heating generated in Norway. 
Ramboll Energy has since October 2011 carried out several projects on behalf of Hafslund Varme AS. Most of the services provided have related to operation and maintenance of heating plants supplying heat to the district heating network.

Maintenance planning project

In the initial phases of the maintenance planning project, Ramboll evaluated Hafslund’s maintenance system focusing on possible improvements. Further project tasks were executed in close collaboration with the maintenance department at Hafslund, including the development of procedures and specifications for structuring (CMMS) and maintenance planning.
The project further included the development of maintenance plans for several of Hafslund’s heating plants, including plants producing heat from heat pumps, pellets and oil. The project was extended several times due to good deliveries and the growing need for cost savings. Throughout the project Ramboll focused on the continuous involvement of Hafslund in developing solutions. Our role was to advise and be directly involved in most aspects of the preparation of maintenance plans, oriented around RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance), but also to perform specific tasks such as obtaining and reviewing documentation and executing criticality analysis (FMECA).


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