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Henrik Steffensen

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Ramboll has established a solar heating system for production of domestic hot water. 

In connection with the renovation of part of the district heating net in the City of Giurgiu in Romania 300 m2 of solar panels were installed on two residential blocks for the hot water supply for 80 flats from April to November when the district heating is turned off for economical reasons.

The solar project was part of the Giurgiu Romania District Heating Rehabilitation Project, which was financed by The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA). The Romanian counterpart contributed through self-financing.

Ramboll was responsible for establishing a solar heating system for the production of domestic hot water with a large coverage during the summer period built as a joint system for supply of two blocks. The solar panels were placed on the roof where there is no shadow from other buildings. The solar panels consist of aluminium, mineral wool, glass, copper and rubber edges.

Pipes were placed from the solar panels on the roof to the ground basement where pumps, heat exchangers, controls etc. were installed. Storage of heat takes place in two hot water tanks (2 x 5 m3) for each block. 
In order to solve the critical hot water supply situation during the summer months, Ramboll suggested the establishment of a large scale solar plant of 100,000 m2 corresponding to approx. 70 MW (peak load) and subsequently conducted the feasibility study for this project.

Ramboll’s services in connection with the establishment of solar heating plants included:

  • Technical and financial feasibility studies
  • Funding strategy
  • Detailed design and government approvals
  • Tendering and contracting
  • Project/contract management
  • Supervision and commissioning


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