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Assessment of the potential to upgrade biogas to biomethane for gas grid injection or use as a vehicle fuel.

Ramboll has carried out a feasibility study for Scottish Water Waste Services on the potential in upgrading the biogas produced from their existing anaerobic digesters forming part of the sludge treatment centre at Dalderse WWTW. Part of this scope involved identifying how improvements in the efficiency of the existing system and the possibility of co-digestion could enhance the biogas yield.

Thorough examination of all available technologies

Ramboll considered all the available biogas upgrade technologies in order to determine the most appropriate technology for this facility. The optimum use of the biomethane was also established based on the location of the end user and a business plan developed for the upgrade investment. With the use of this technology still in its infancy within the UK, Ramboll clearly outlined the regulatory requirements and incentives relating to biogas.

Environmental and financial potential

This feasibility study is one of the first steps in the development of the biogas industry within the UK. Water companies which already have anaerobic digesters on site are in a good position to improve and invest in their existing assets. Biogas as a renewable fuel not only has environmental benefits, but could offer a financial incentive, by savings in vehicle fuel or by sales to the gas grid, to those who invest in it.


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Company registration

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