60,000 yearly interviews secure real-time customer insights at TDC


Thomas Haugaard Jørgensen

Managing Consultant
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Ramboll Management Consulting has since 2003 conducted more than 840,000 customer satisfaction surveys for the Danish telephone operator, TDC. Over 60,000 interviews have been conducted every year to provide TDC with continuous, real-time insights of their customer satisfaction.

Hard work, insightful surveys, live-reports and continuously high quality have ensured a 12 year long and fruitful cooperation between TDC and Ramboll. Every year, 25 ongoing surveys with a total of more than 60,000 interviews are conducted over the phone by 50 Ramboll interviewers.

From complex data to strategic benchmarks

According to project manager at Ramboll, Thomas Haugaard Jørgensen, collecting and processing a vast amount of data is exactly what the survey team does best:

- In the last five years, we have processed more than a million surveys. The insights we obtain can create benchmarks, long-term customer relations and strong financial results for our clients. A survey showed us that 64% of executives find good customer experiences and high customer loyalty a complex job to accomplish.This is where we enter the picture.

More than just data collectors

With more than 1 million households and around 150,000 business clients using TDC, Ramboll collects a vast amount of responses. They are all directly stored in Ramboll’s survey system, SurveyXact, where the Head of TDC’s Customer Insights, Thorbjørn Bekke-Hansen, and his colleagues have access to live statistics of their customers’ satisfaction. But according to him, Ramboll offers more than just data:- Ramboll has a positive culture with service-minded employees, which we really appreciate. The team is extremely flexible and forthcoming by reacting quickly to our requests. The reports are of high quality and value to our management team and make a huge difference for our business.

By the end of the day, quality is the keyword in the long-term cooperation between Ramboll and TDC, Thorbjørn Bekke-Hansen finishes:

- Most importantly, we receive high-quality and valid data every week, every month, all year. This is exactly why Ramboll and TDC have cooperated for more than a decade now.


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