Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik airport contruction

Dubrovnik airport contruction


Henrik M. Jeppesen

Henrik M. Jeppesen

Senior Chief Project Manager
T: +45 51611756

Ramboll has been instrumental in the upgrading and expansion of Dubrovnik Airport’s infrastructure. The project will ensure the airport is fit for the future and capable of handling increasing passenger numbers.

Dubrovnik Airport is situated in the southernmost part of Croatia, an area which is largely dependent on tourism. This makes the airport an important economic engine for the region.

The capacity of the airport was stretched to its limits and the infrastructure in need of upgrading.

Doubling capacity

Therefore, an upgrading and expansion project was initiated in 2014. When the project is completed in 2019, the airport will be fit for the future with capacity doubled from two to four million passengers per year.

From 2014 to 2017 passenger figures rose by 44%. The expected growth for 2018 and the years to come also looks promising.

The project is financed by the airport in conjunction with the Croatian State, EU and the European Investment Bank.

Complete multidisciplinary service

Ramboll has provided project management services for the entire project, assisting the airport’s organisation in the oversight of designers, supervision consultants and contractors.  

The key features of the project are:

A new terminal building (part C), which will increase the terminal area from 26,000 m2 to 52,000 m2. This also includes a new automated baggage handling system and two new passenger boarding bridges.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the runway (3,300 m) and taxiway system. This also includes new centre lights, edge lights and a new Instrument Landing System (ILS -CAT 1). 

Construction of two new aprons with a total area of approximately 100,000 m2, together with airside facilities such as: ground handling, rescue & fire fighting, fuel pipe system and a new fuel farm.

Upgrading of landside infrastructure: parking, roads, sewage & water supply and a new administration building.

The project comprises all engineering elements associated with an airport as well as many other disciplines. Ramboll has therefore provided a multidisciplinary team, drawing on experience from many Ramboll units and our proven track record within the aviation industry.

The project has been executed in close cooperation with our partner Trames Consultants, a Croatian consultancy firm based in Dubrovnik.

This video shows the new building C which has increased the terminal area from 26,000 m2 to 52,000 m2. The construction of the building was initiated May 2015 and was inaugurated in April 2017. This also included the installation of a new automated Baggage Handling System and two new Passenger Boarding Bridges.

The video shows the reconstruction works of the eastern part of the airside including 1,100 m runway. This part of the works took place from October 2017 to March 2018.



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