Monitoring water quality in connection with motorway and tunneling construction in Norway

In the period 2013-2018, Ramboll is assisting the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in monitoring water quality in streams, rivers, ponds and wells within the construction area of the new E134 13.2 km route between Damåsen-Saggrenda.

This route involves 4.5 km tunnelling in four tunnels and lies within the water areas of Eikern and Nummedal rivers and touches five watersheds. 

Monitoring and conserving water quality

Monitoring and conservation of water quality is an important goal of the project, both before, during and after the construction phase. 

The project entails monitoring of both physical-chemical parameters as well as biological parameters, such as bottom fauna.

Preventing watercourse and groundwater contamination

Contamination may occur in the construction phase as well as in the operation phase. In the construction phase, pollution of waterways could result from acidic rocks, nitrogen from rubble, particle runoff and spills of fuel or chemicals.

In the operation phase the watercourses may be affected by traffic-polluted runoff water and emissions from road accidents. The construction of this new corridor will cause potential damage to changes in groundwater levels, for example due to leaks in tunnels. There is also a risk of groundwater contamination and thus deterioration of water quality in private groundwater wells located along the corridor.

Rambøll Norway won the contract by submitting a well-planned and well-structured proposal, where every topic of the project was discussed and evaluated.

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