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Kærgård Plantage in the Western part of Denmark is probably one of the most complex polluted waste sites in the world. From 1956 to 1973, the site was a tip into which waste products from the pharmaceutical industry were dumped. This has resulted in a toxic cocktail of contaminants leaking into the ocean and manifesting itself in unpleasant odours and discharge of contaminated groundwater. The authorities have thus been forced to close 1.5 km stretch of beach at the site.

Trialing potential clean-up techniques

As the project manager, Ramboll is responsible for coordinating efforts within the consortium tapped to come up with a solution to the severe pollution. The consortium consists of Ramboll, COWI, two American specialist firms; Geosyntec and ISOTEC, Aalborg University and the contractor, Frisesdahl.

Between them, the project collaborators are trialing a number of potential in situ clean-up techniques including chemical, biological and thermal techniques. These are all innovative technologies used to treat contaminated soil and groundwater for the general protection of human health and the environment.

"At present, we are evaluating different in situ technologies for remediation of the complex and extensive contamination located below the groundwater table," said Torben Højbjerg Jørgensen, Chief Consultant in Environment & Nature. "We have completed extensive laboratory testing and the initial pilot trial testing and are currently assessing the results of the technologies investigated. This trial data will be used to design full-scale remedial systems likely to be used on site."

The project is carried out for the Region of Southern Denmark and the Danish EPA.


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