Handling of contaminated soil at former Tuborg Brewery


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Since 1990, Ramboll has been responsible for contamination studies, authority processing, remediation measures including the planning of contaminated soil handling and environmental inspections for our client Carlsberg Properties. The Tuborg Harbour, one of Calsberg Properties' sites, is a very attractive place to live in Copenhagen, but plans for urban development depend on the fact that former industrial sites can be safely included.

Examination of Tuborg Habour

Ramboll has worked closely together with Carlsberg Properties to examine any activities that may have caused contamination (gasworks, fertilizer factory, fuel stations and oil and kerosine stores). By carrying out thorough feasibility studies, the entrepreneur can predict the technical and financial consequences of erecting buildings on a site like Tuborg Harbour. Moreover, the entrepreneur is allowed to carry out rational planning for the safe handling of contaminated soil encountered during construction works.

Ramboll has studied the industrial activities throughout the history of the site. Based on these studies, we have examined the activities that may have caused contamination on the areas where the entrepreneur wants to erect buildings. The result of our studies has been used to plan necessary safety measures and for authority processing for buildings at the contaminated sites. Moreover, it has served as a basis for planning soil works in relation to the many building activities.

Subsequently, Ramboll has inspected soil works according to the elaborated plan in order to ensure that all environmental initiatives are implemented and in order to certify these initiatives to the environmental authorities, including various control measurements.


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