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Henrik Fenger Jeppesen

Henrik Fenger Jeppesen

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In a country as large as Greenland, the only way to travel between towns is often by air. The airport development and maintenance done by Ramboll is therefore incredibly important to society there. 

Air-transport is vital in Greenland; both to and from, and within the country itself. It ensures the country’s economic development and social stability. Greenland is a very large country, and the only effective way of travelling across it is to fly. This applies to business people, public servants, tourists, and of course private citizens who wish to visit family and friends. Ramboll has, through a series of airport projects, helped to ensure that stability and economic development.

In the 1990s, the Greenlandic Assembly decided to invest heavily in a new air transport infrastructure. Ramboll took part in the planning and design of 7 new airports in Quaanaq, Upernavik, Uummannaq, Aasiaat, Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, and Paamiut.

The airports were constructed on very challenging topographic terrain, and in difficult building conditions. They were all completed by 1999 and have secured greater regularity in the transport system. Costs have also been reduced significantly, compared to the helicopter flights that were previously required.

Ramboll have subsequently performed maintenance tasks on the airports, and from 2011 we have again been contracted by the operator ‘Greenlandic Airports’. Ramboll will help to evaluate a possible extension of the runways at Nuuk and Ilulissat, as well the establishment of a new airport at Qaqortaq in the south.

Ramboll have built up a special expertise in the design and supervision of Arctic airports construction; in Greenland and the Faroes Islands as well as Northern Norway.

Ramboll's airport development projects in Greenland are supported by a company office in Nuuk.


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