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In the spring of 2005, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration began working on plans to replace a 6.4km long section of the E18 motorway between Bommestad and Sky in Norway. The motorway was constructed in 1970 and was no longer able to meet the requirements of the ever increasing road traffic. The plans involved constructing a four-lane motorway along the E18 past Larvik.

The project involved the construction of a four lane motorway between Bommestad and Sky, as well as a motorway bridge stretching alongside the Farris drinking water reservoir, and a number of long tunnel projects. In addition, Ramboll was responsible for coordinating with two additional contractors, who worked to assist Ramboll during the construction period.

Prestigious bridge engineering project

Ramboll was awarded two of the three contracts. The most prestigious project was the bridge construction, which Ramboll won in collaboration with L2 Architects. The bridge was one of the largest bridge engineering projects for Ramboll in Norway.

"This was yet another significant project for Ramboll", says Sverre Sundfær, Service Area Coordinator (SAC) for Transport in Norway. "The goal of this new road project was to provide better access, reduce accidents and improve the environment. The chosen road solution was an excellent solution for the environment, the local community, and motorists."

Challenging bridge and road design in 3D

The traffic on the stretch of the E18 motorway can reach up to 17,000 vehicles a day.

"With such a high level of traffic so close to the Farris reservoir - a source of drinking water for 200,000 inhabitants - there were a number of challenges to overcome", explains Sverre.

Ramboll has expertise in all areas necessary for this project, and worked within water and wastewater, environmental issues, engineering geology, geotechnics, landscape architecture, monitoring the construction, project implementation, management, zoning, ventilation, noise pollution and impact analysis, as well as the construction of the bridge itself.

The entire project was designed in 3D. The road was opened in 2018.


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