E18 Knapstad-Akershus Borderplans

The construction of the new E18 motorway will secure a higher traffic capacity, easier access and a more predictable travel time through villages and areas in Østfold.

The E18 road is split in to nine road sections, stretching from Vinterbro all the way to Sweden's boarder. This project focuses on the 6th section, between Knapstad and Akershus border, and involves preparation of zoning plans as well as the construction plans.

Six kilometer long stretch of a four-lane motorway

The E18 will be a four lane motorway with an S8 classification, and a maximum speed limit of 100km p/hr. The total cost of this project is calculated to be around 725 MNOK. Ramboll’s budget for the project is 22 million kronor, not including ground surveys.

Based on the Council’s plans for the E18, we will prepare both zoning plans and construction plans, for this stretch of road that includes three bridges and two overpasses, as well as two road intersections, the first located by Jaren (public highway 128) and the second by Elvestad (public highway 120). The project will also include planning for side roads, pedestrian footpaths and road rest areas.

Project Challenges

The biggest challenges in this project will be to find a suitable solution for combining the crossing at the Hobøl River, the public highway 120, and the road rest areas.

There has been a growing focus on the conservation of water environments during road construction. 

This is partly due to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. The waterways and lake at Hobøl can be used as an example of the Government’s efforts through the Water Framework Directive. An essential part of the planning process will be to evaluate the potential consequences the road construction will have on the environment, and which measures can be taken to meet the water quality objectives for the Hobøl River.


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