Due Diligence Tirreno Power - 16 hydro power plants

Tirreno Power - 16 hydro power plants

Tirreno Power - 16 hydro power plants


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Ramboll has been commissioned by Sorgenia with a Technical Due Diligence (TDD) of a number of coal fired units, a number of CCGT’s and a number of hydro power plants in Italy.

The objective of the TDD is to assess certain technical characteristics of the plants.

Based on a comprehensive and systematic analysis supplied with property inspections, Ramboll has accomplished an analysis and a technical risk identification as foundation for a business case.

The project has been manned by staff from Ramboll Power in Denmark, Poland and UK which demonstrates Ramboll’s international competitiveness.

The power station assets consist of:

  • 4 Power Plant sites with a total of two coal units and six CCGT units
  • 16 hydro stations

Ramboll's activities consist of:

  • Site survey
  • Environmental compliance
  • Plant performance
  • Risk assessments
  • CAPEX and OPEX
  • Analysis and reporting

The CCGT units consist of 3 units based on General Electric 9F technology and 3 units based on Ansaldo V94.3 technology.

The coal fired units has a capacity of 330 MW and both were installed in 1971.

The 16 hydro power stations has an installed capacity of 70 MW.


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Company registration

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