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Christian Blangis

Christian Blangis

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Services we provided

Ramboll was retained by a pharmaceutical industry client to assist with the training and involvement of production operators in Behavior Based Safety program, to reduce work accidents and engage staff in daily safety activities.

The project included the following steps:

  • Behaviour Based Risk Assessment performed by a team of operators, mostly focused on routine activities – conducted in the field
  • Identification of Job-Specific Safe Practices (/Behaviours)
  • Selection of 10-15 Key Safety Practices (by the Team) that will be monitored daily, depending on their occurrence and associated risk
  • Periodic Monitoring, by team members, in the field of those Key Safety Practices
  • Follow up of (proactive) safety KPIs (level of compliance with the Key Safety Practices)
  • Results follow up, analysis & communication involving team members & managers

REH France supported a large pharmaceutical site of more than 500 employees to implement a People Based Safety program aiming at preventing work accidents by involving and empowering operators and employees.

The program started in December 2015 with a pilot in the plant’s warehouse. 5 operators were trained by Ramboll to use the GPS method. They were actively involved in the selection of the key safe practices that will be monitored and in the use of the tool that was provided by Ramboll. The approach was then tested for several weeks and progressively other operators were trained internally. 

Then after one year, the site decided to extend the program to other operational/production areas through additional training sessions. Between 2016 and 2018, 7 other departments were involved and implemented the GPS approach. Ramboll delivered the training sessions and provided the monitoring tool.

How it works

Employees are empowered as they are the main actors of this process right from the start

  • Behavior Based risk assessment
  • Definition of key (and Job Specific) Safety Practices
  • Monitoring in the field
  • Results Analysis & Communication

It reinforces employees’ safety practices through workforce contribution

  • During the analysis activities
  • During monitoring activities (by observing colleagues and by being observed by peers)

It enables to follow up leading safety KPIs

  • Pragmatic and job oriented
  • That can be used for regular feedback & discussions
  • That can lead to job specific action plans


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