Innovation in Tunnels: Engineering Expo Ends

14 November 2017
Over 10,000 visitors passed through the ICE Tunnel Engineering Exhibition looking at achievements in tunnelling past, present and future.
ICE-ILH Tunnel Exhibition. Ramboll

ICE-ILH Tunnel Exhibition. Ramboll

From May to November the interactive and engaging exhibition took visitors on a historical journey showing some of the longest, deepest and most advanced tunnels in the world. It attracted visitors from across the globe including more than one group every week from schools, colleges and universities. International students visited from as far away as Japan and Spain. It also received a score of 90% on its Visit England assessment and was nominated for a national 'Best Hidden Gem 2017' accolade.

The timeline looked forward to 2028 when Fehmarnbelt Immersive tunnel is due to open. In close collaboration with Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC) and Arup, Ramboll is advising Fehmarn A/S on the design of the immersed road and rail tunnel solution. The project is set to reshape the European map by providing a link under the Baltic Sea between Scandinavia and central Europe. It will be more than five times the length of the tunnel under Øresund linking Denmark and Sweden.

There are further details about the Fehmarnbelt project on our website here, and also in the Construction News article: ' Germany-Denmark tunnel sees innovations run deep', 16 March 2017 by Richard Miller technical director at Ramboll here.

The Tunnel Engineering Exhibition was the second major new interactive event to be run by the ‘Infrastructure Learning Hub’ (ILH). The first ILH exhibition, ’Bridge Engineering’, launched the permanent display space at ICE’s One Great George Street headquarters in London in October 2016. ILH is devoted to the broad disciplines of civil engineering with infrastructure as its focus. Ramboll is a Founding Partner, helping ILH fund two major new exhibitions a year. More about the Infrastructure Learning Hub initiative here.

The Tunnel Engineering Exhibition has now closed and work has already begun on the next exhibition. Opening in December 2017 and running throughout 2018 as part of ICE's 200th anniversary activities, the Invisible Superheroes exhibition will celebrate the role civil engineers play in transforming lives and safeguarding the future.

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Engineers discussing the Fehmarnbelt tunnel

Fehmarn: The world's longest road/rail tunnel

In the future Scandinavia and the rest of Europe will be connected by the world's longest road and rail tunnel.


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