Team shares secrets of high performance

12 April 2019
A Ramboll team has been shortlisted for the ICE London Team of the Year award. The entry not only testifies to the energy, engagement and exploration of this cohesive group of professionals, it also sheds light on how their interaction influences their work satisfaction and productivity.
Thanks to our team culture this is a team people want to join and want to stay with! Ramboll

Thanks to our team culture this is a team people want to join and want to stay with! Ramboll


Guy Collingwood. Ramboll

Guy Collingwood

Head of Development
T: +44 20 7631 5291

The happiest and best performing employees feel at home in teams, according to an article based on both Harvard and Ramboll research here. It seems that members of high performing teams have high levels of energy and engagement outside formal meetings. This comes as no surprise to the Development Management Team. It’s a team people want to join and stay in!

Many of the Development Team’s projects involve taking complex projects from the earliest feasibility stages through to completion and handover. For example, the team is experienced in the design of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and project delivery for integrated multidisciplinary projects such as infrastructure & highways, and planning & urban development. Managing project interfaces throughout the lifecycle of a project requires understanding of specialist information at each stage, often with geographically disparate teams.

To deliver good schemes, the team shares best practice with each other through brainstorming lunches, engages with industry by presenting at 'SuDS not Duds' conferences, lets employees use their strengths, and reaches out to manufactures to keep up to date with the latest product developments.

A diverse mix of background and thinking is highly valued in the team for creating innovative solutions to client problems. This leads to active support for diversity and inclusion in the workplace through Ramboll employee networks and industry events. The team in the UK is located in three UK offices and comprises: 37% women; members from 10 different countries; and a full range of roles from Graduate Engineer to Director. Working closely with Ramboll colleagues in India involves secondments to help build and strengthen collaboration.

Team successes, large and small, are recognised with a marble reward system; A full jar means a team outing to celebrate success together and events take place throughout the year.

Lets hope the next cause for celebration will be the ICE London awards in May - Good luck!

Team members are: Ahmad Taleb, Anastasia Argyropoulou, Alexander Livingston, Anatolijs Rapoports, Christian Smart, Daniel Scarfe, Ed Kerr, Eduardo Neila, Gary Chisholm, Guy Collingwood, Ian Chapman, Jack Lincoln, James Eagling, James Wood, Jeremy Sinclair, Juan Fernandez Salas , Katherine Theobald, Kristin Liivamagi, Labieba February, Marc Montrull, Maryam Salam, Maria Eugenia Sanchez, Matt Hunter-Woolley, Mona Martin, Monika Sokal, Peter Chaplin, Simon Hawley, Sylwia Skrzyp, Thaddaeus O'Higgins.


240 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NW
United Kingdom
Tel:+44 20 7631 5291
Fax:+44 845 299 1610


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Company registration

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