Work on pioneering Stirling heat network to commence

5 December 2018
With contracts signed, work is set to begin on the Stirling Energy Centre and district heating network project, which will use waste sewage heat to deliver affordable, low carbon heat to the Stirling community
Stirling sewage works, source of heating for the Stirling community heat network - Image: Ramboll

Stirling sewage works, source of heating for the Stirling community heat network - Image: Ramboll

Stirling Council and Scottish Water Horizons have signed contracts, officially starting the development of the innovative Stirling Energy Centre and district heating network (DHN) project. Work will now begin on the pioneering project which will deliver low carbon heat across a large area of Stirling. The heating network is vast, powering a leisure centre, a high school, an industrial estate, numerous commercial offices, Forthbank Stadium (home to Stirling Albion FC) and new build homes.

As Technical Adviser, Ramboll has developed the concept designs and associated tender specifications. Put simply the system will convert sewage into usable energy to power the DHN. The Energy Centre design will use biogas generated by the existing anaerobic digestion plant to fire a combined heat & power (CHP) unit, with electrical output used to power a 'SHARC' sewage heat recovery system. The heat produced from the CHP and the heat recovery units will then be used to supply a low temperature (60/40) district heating network. The large sewer heat pump will be the largest installation in the UK, and the first to supply multiple customers via a district heating network.

The scope of Ramboll’s work has covered concept design of the energy centre, heat network and building interfaces, development of a technical information pack and a customer interface specification. This information will inform and support the evaluation of procurement of a Design, Build, Operate & Maintain contract which will deliver the necessary low carbon infrastructure.

Ramboll helped the client select the contractors to undertake construction of the works, involving reviewing competing proposals from contractors, attending contractor interviews and performing technical due diligence on the appointed contractor’s detailed design. As the project moves into the delivery phase we will oversee the design and installation of the systems.

The project is being part-funded by the Scottish Government Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme to a very tight timeline, with completion in 2019. Work will commence immediately.

Paul Steen, Associate Director of District Energy at Ramboll, commented: “It is exciting for us to work closely with clients to deliver ground-breaking innovations for district energy in Scotland, and in particular supporting Stirling Council and Scottish Water Horizons to realise a system that will be the first large sewer heat pump to serve multiple customers via a district heating network.”

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