Shedding light on safety culture implications at the Behavioural Safety & Culture Conference in Germany

28 March 2018
Behavioural-based safety (BBS) programmes have been disputed since their emergence in the late 20th century. While some favour the focus BBS programmes place on employee engagement, others reject their disciplinary or fault-finding nature. To help bridge the gap between theory and practice in behavioural safety, Ramboll is discussing the impact of safety culture on risk assessment at the Behavioral Safety & Culture: Barriers & Success Stories Conference in Berlin, Germany, on April 18-20, 2018.

Emiliano Micalizio

Senior Managing Consultant
T: +39 06 4521 440

Michael Tans

T: +32 55 612 155

The event will be hosted by global corporate marketing and information company—Marcus Evans—for the 11th consecutive year.

As well as discussing the relevance of psychology in occupational safety, experts will consider the management of organisational culture, the challenges behind safety leadership and the implementation of successful BBS programmes.

How we're making a difference

Emiliano Micalizio (Senior Managing Consultant, Ramboll Environment & Health, Rome) will deliver his presentation Job Safety Analysis of non-routine works: the impact of safety culture on risk assessment. He will offer insight into Job Safety Analysis (JSA) – a structured and well know approach for identifying and addressing potential hazards. Emiliano will also discuss the role safety culture plays in the application of an effective JSA programme.

Michael Tans (Principal, Ramboll Environment & Health, Visé) says, “Clients often ask us to carry out risk and safety culture assessments. Based on our experience, it's clear that the safety culture of companies impacts on the way they perceive risks and manage risk assessment and job safety analysis processes. This, in turn, compromises the safety of workers within these companies.”

To find out more about the event, follow this link. Otherwise contact Emiliano Micalizio or Michael Tans for information on BBS programmes.


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