Work on modelling hydrodynamic loading wins award at earthquake resiliency conference

11 September 2019
The award for the best poster presentation at the Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics two-day conference (SECED2019) was won by a Ramboll team for their work on soil structure interaction on port structures.
Hasib Abdulrazaq with the award-winning poster. (c) Ramboll

Hasib Abdulrazaq with the award-winning poster. (c) Ramboll


Hasib Abdulraza. Ramboll

Hasib Abdulrazaq

Geotechnical Engineer
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Scot Francis. Ramboll

Scot Francis

Senior Engineer, Ground Engineering
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Niko Karamichalis. Ramboll

Niko Karamichalis

Associate, UK Major Crossings
M: +44 7870 808 313

The winning poster was based on a paper "Modelling of hydrodynamic loading in soil structure interaction analysis of port structures" authored by Hasib Abdulrazaq, Scot Francis, Niko Karamichalis and Jack Taggart, (now of Arup). The judges were looking for work that added something useful to the existing body of knowledge on earthquake risk and engineering towards a resilient world.

SECED2019 brought together experts in risk, mitigation and recovery from around the world and from a broad range of disciplines, including structural engineering, nuclear engineering, seismology, geology, geotechnical engineering, urban development, social sciences, business and insurance.

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