Fifth bridge in Rwanda to create safe passage for communities

13 June 2022
A team of 10 Ramboll employees from seven countries travel to Rwanda to help construct a trailbridge crossing over the Gikombe river channel that gets flooded by storm water, preventing safe passage for the residents of the surrounding communities to reach critical resources.
Ramboll team in Rwanda, working with Bridges to Prosperity on a new trailbridge crossing over the Gikombe river.

Ramboll team in Rwanda, working with Bridges to Prosperity on a new trailbridge crossing over the Gikombe river.


Ramboll. Kaya Patel

Kaya Patel

Graduate Engineer
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Bridges to Prosperity (B2P)

On the 11th of June a team of 10 Ramboll employees from seven countries travelled to Rwanda to help construct a new bridge, as part of our ongoing partnership with the NGO Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) who build bridges to better lives in rural communities. This latest one marks our fifth bridge with the B2P team, thanks to the continued funding support from the Ramboll Foundation.

The new 55m suspended bridge is being built for the Irebero and Rubete communities in the municipality of Kicukiro. Spanning the gap over a river channel caused by runoff stormwater in the rainy season, the crossing will ensure children are able to securely reach their schools, markets can be reached by community farmers to sell their crops and quicker access to vital resources such as medical centres. The Gikombe Trailbridge will provide safe, year-round access for over 3,000 members in the surrounding communities, providing enhanced access to opportunities and growth.

Ramboll Design Engineer Kaya Patel, who is the Team Communications Lead on site, says: “Being part of a project that leaves such a distinct society benefit and long-term legacy is an absolute honour. We have seen the positive impact on communities brought about by these safe crossings thanks to the incredible work of B2P's and Ramboll foundation funding over the last four years, so to be part of that journey is incredible - a once in a lifetime opportunity that the team is so thrilled to be part of"

The Team

Ramboll team members are thrilled and honoured to be part of such a challenging and meaningful project that will make a difference for so many people by helping improve their environment and quality of life. Kaya is hoping that her experience with B2P will help towards her own career and personal growth, but also inspire children and future engineers to make meaningful change in society.

Follow the team's progress

Placed in a remote environment with limited engineering resources and support, the project will pose exciting challenges to the team. You can follow the progress of the team as well as in-the-moment experiences and photos of the team on Instagram.

The 10 Ramboll team members are:

  • Alex Craddock, Project Lead from Ramboll, UK
  • Kyle Kolwaite, Construction Lead from Ramboll, USA
  • Birgitte Juncher Andersen, Safety Lead from Ramboll, Denmark
  • Lyndsey Stone, Deputy Safety Manager from Ramboll, USA
  • Kaya Patel, Communications Lead from Ramboll, UK
  • Azita Hosseinzade, Logistics Lead from Ramboll, Sweden
  • Chi Wan, Deputy Project Manager from Ramboll, UK
  • Suresh Gurung, Support Team Member from Ramboll, Finland
  • Daniel Martens Pedersen, Support Team Member from Ramboll, Norway
  • Yashshri Tare, Support Team Member from Ramboll, India

The team will spend two weeks in Rwanda, from the 11th to the 26th of June, building the bridge alongside the local community and B2P staff. They will use their knowledge and experience to lead by example and ensure work is carried out according to Health and Safety requirements and using safety equipment provided by Ramboll and B2P.


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