New CIOB series Remastering the Future tackles how we transform our industry

13 October 2017
ITN Productions and The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) have announced the launch of “Remastering the Future”, a series focused on the future of construction. Ramboll is supporting the series with a film on how we are addressing industry challenges, through digital design and offsite construction.
Ramboll, Remastering the Future series. ITN Productions, CIOB, Bluebeam

Ramboll, Remastering the Future series. ITN Productions, CIOB, Bluebeam

Ramboll. Alex Lawrence.

Alex Lawrence

Buildings Director and Head of Talent Inclusion
T: +44 7770 966 814

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Design, engineering and construction the way it should be

The 12 episode news and current affairs-style programmes explore the opportunities, challenges and future of the UK construction industry. Ramboll is supporting technology provider Bluebeam in one of the series, to explore the most immediate challenges faced by the industry; the widening productivity gap, skills shortage and safety.

These challenges are driving Ramboll’s development of cutting edge technology, so we can offer our clients time compression, improved onsite safety, productivity and sustainability.

While many are talking about digital design and benefits of offsite construction, Ramboll is already deploying a unique digital design toolkit. These tools are empowering our clients and design teams to make earlier, better informed decisions, while giving the opportunity to explore multiple options in real time. We can rapidly step through concept stage, speed up detailed design and improve buildability for the site phase. Combining this with decades of offsite and traditional construction experience we take our clients, and their projects, further and faster.

The film showcases two completed projects that have already benefitted from digital design tools and offsite construction techniques. Such is the pace of development that our latest digital design toolkit is extending further the possibilities for projects still in concept and design stage.

Alex Lawrence, Director at Ramboll, believes the industry must embrace the opportunities afforded by the digital revolution: “The digital mindset, if you like, is the way of the future and really there’s no choice. We cannot continue to design and engineer as has been done for the past hundred or two hundred years.”


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