Refugee Shelter Innovations Workshop

29 June 2017
Organised and hosted by Ramboll in collaboration with Save the Children, the Refugee Shelter Innovations Workshop will bring together designers, humanitarian sector workers, academics and policy makers to share new ideas that have led to effective post disaster recovery.


Alice Bond

Alice Bond

Structural Engineer
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Ramboll and its engineers are involved in a number of projects around the world designed to help communities in need within both humanitarian and international development contexts. Organised by Ramboll structural engineers Alice Bond and Marcin Dawydzik, in collaboration with Jago Boase of Save the Children, the half day Refugee Shelter Innovations Workshop is to be held on Thursday 6th July and will discuss shelter innovations emerging from the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Through bringing together non-governmental organisations (NGOs), businesses and government, the workshop will share and discuss novel ideas or products that have led to effective post disaster recovery. The implementation process will also be reviewed with a discussion on the barriers faced and how the process can be improved.

Alice, Marcin and Jago recently returned from a research trip in Northern Greece to address the question ‘is design a necessity or an indulgence for refugee shelters?’ They visited several refugee camps, undertook technical shelter assessments and through interviewing refugees, NGO workers, military and ministry personnel they were able to better understand their needs. The team will be sharing their findings and lessons learnt in the workshop session ‘The Place for Design and Innovation within Greek Refugee Camps’, see below for the full agenda.

The workshop will identify the most profitable areas for further innovation and establish research opportunities and partnerships that seek to build the evidence base of what works in post-disaster recovery; as well as informing the ongoing work in Syria, Iraq and the surrounding countries.

Practitioners, academics and policy makers, including representatives from Oxford Brookes University Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP), ActionAid, University of Bath, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Department for International Development (DfID), Mott MacDonald, Shelter Box, International Medical Corps, Ian Chalk Architects, AECOM and Tak Tak Tak will be attending, sharing their knowledge and experiences relating to effective post disaster recovery.

The workshop is open to specialists in humanitarian shelter design, if you would like to attend please contact Alice Bond (

View the Refugee Shelter Innovations Workshop leaflet, including all event details, here.

Event details

When: Thursday 6th July, 14:00 - 18:00
Time: 14:00 - 18:00 
Where: Ramboll London office 

The workshop format will be a series of short presentations, details below, followed by round-table discussions.

Shelter Design and Innovation within a Greek Refugee Context
Alice Bond and Marcin Dawydzik, Ramboll
Jago Boase, Save the Children

Calais Kids Space
Richard O'Hanlon, Tak Tak Tak

Community Shelter Response to Nepal Earthquake
Mike Noyles, ActionAid

Shelter in Flux
Charles Parrack, Oxford Brookes University CENDEP

Learning from the Affected Families how Shelter is a Process
David Hatcher, Shelter Box

Healthy Housing for the Displaced
David Coley, University of Bath

This research has been funded through the ICE QUEST award and Ramboll Foundation.


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