Ramboll and team scoop digital collaboration award

3 December 2019
Ramboll, JG ingenieros and the project team scoop the CIBSE Society of Digital Engineering (SDE) Award for Best Project and Collaboration in the large project category for the Proyecto 5 Estrellas, Valencia Arena. 
Valencia Arena - Image: Courtesy of HOK Architects

Valencia Arena - Image: Courtesy of HOK Architects


Adam Selvey. Ramboll. Image courtesy of Paulina Sobczak Photography

Adam Selvey

UK Building Services Design Excellence Leader
M: +44 7816 132764

The awards that recognise the application of digital engineering that bring successful outcomes for projects and people took place this week. On announcing the winner in the Best Project and Collaboration category, the judge commented “The decisive factor has been the well put together application that highlights the collaborative work several teams had to undertake to successfully deliver such a complex project. There were not only geographical barriers but also cross-functional barriers (several enterprises were involved) and most importantly, language barriers that were overcome by the use of technology and most importantly, willingness of all teams to fulfil the customer’s expectations.

Commenting on the win, Adam Selvey, Ramboll Project Director said, “From the outset the team knew collaboration was the most fundamental aspect to ensuring the best outcome for our client. Although the client and design team met for workshops on a regular basis face to face, the challenge remained that the design team were in several different locations and often spoke different languages. To assist in collaboration and ensure that the design team could have information as quickly as possible, we choose to work in Autodesk BIM 360. However even with all the technology, you still need a team of people who are enthused and excited to work together, and on Valencia Arena we have a client and design team that are.” 

The design team

  • Architects HOK in London, ERRE in Valencia
  • Structural Engineers SBP in Stuttgart and GmasP in Valencia
  • Building Services Ramboll in UK and JG in Barcelona
  • Cost Consultants Core 5 in UK and Castiel in Barcelona
  • Acoustic consultants Vanguardia in UK
  • Crowd movement consultant Movement Strategies in UK


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Company registration

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