Ramboll selected for onshore pipeline study in Uganda

29 July 2015

Uganda’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has awarded Ramboll a contract to conduct an early-phase study for the “Hoima–Kampala Refined Petroleum Products Pipeline” in Uganda, East Africa.

The Hoima–Kampala Refined Petroleum Products Pipeline

The project concerns a proposed pipeline to be constructed to transport products of crude oil refinement from Uganda Oil Refinery in Hoima to a distribution terminal to be constructed in Buloba, app. 17 km (10 mi) west of Kampala. The total length of the pipeline/corridor is app. 210 km (130 mi).

Uganda’s emerging oil and gas sector

The East African region is emerging as a premier destination for oil and gas exploration and development. Petroleum discoveries have been made in South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Kenya. All petroleum products are currently imported into the region at over US$5 billion per year representing over 25% of the total import bill of the region (source: Uganda’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development). The Hoima-Kampala pipeline is to be developed as part of a refinery project supporting the establishment of a domestic oil and gas industry in Uganda. 

Utility corridor study and environmental baseline study

Ramboll’s main scope of work is to carry out:

  • A utility corridor study including detailed pipeline routing
  • An environmental baseline study (EBS)

The utility corridor of about 110 m wide is required for construction of vital infrastructure comprising refined petroleum products pipeline, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) cables, a dual-carriage highway, and power transmission lines between Hoima and Kampala. Ramboll is required to study and advise on how the planned infrastructure and auxiliary utilities will share the common corridor without compromising the safety, reliability, and integrity of each infrastructure. The pipeline routing will include challenging river and swamp crossings.

National participation by local partner Newplan

Ramboll teamed up with local partner Newplan to win the project. Newplan is also sub-consultant to Ramboll on the greenfield project ‘Kabaale International Airport’ in the Hoima District, which is a new airport intended to service the oil industry and local communities in Western Uganda. Newplan is performing most of the field work for the Hoima–Kampala pipeline such as topographical survey, geological and geotechnical investigations, EBS and ESIA (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment)

A promising market outlook for East Africa

Søren Skovgård Møller, Director of Engineering and Onshore Gas & LNG, in Ramboll Oil & Gas, envisions good opportunities for other projects in East Africa.

 “We are using the two ongoing projects in Uganda to actively pursue the East African market for more onshore and offshore projects. We are monitoring the market opportunities in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda for interesting projects within oil, gas projects as well as industrial master planning. Moreover, we are carefully following the big development projects in Tanzania and Mozambique where Ramboll’s multidisciplinary skills set could be of great value to the developers,” says Møller.


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