Ramboll expert selected for WELL Airport Advisory

13 March 2020
Michael Cheetham, Ramboll's UK MEP lead for aviation has been selected by the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) to be part of the 2020 WELL Airport Advisory. He joins a select group of leading industry professionals who will guide the continuous evolution of the WELL Building Standard™ (WELL™) that focusses exclusively on the impacts of buildings on human health and wellness.
The International WELL Building Institute™

The International WELL Building Institute™

Ramboll. Michael Cheetham

Michael Cheetham

Associate, Buildings
T: +44 7436 583 540
Matthew Pierpoint. Ramboll

Matthew Pierpoint

Aviation Global Divisional Director
T: +44 7970 285 129

The WELL Airport advisory centres around the ways in which WELL can meet the growing need to prioritize health and well-being in the development, design and operations of airports. The WELL Airport advisory is a group of leading global subject matter experts and practitioners in the fields of public health, design, media, architecture, engineering and building science. Michael has been specifically chosen for his experience in applying the WELL building standard in the built environment and designing airports in Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America.

Over the course of the next year, Michael will work with IWBI to increase the accessibility and applicability of WELL, align the standard with the latest industry research and raise the bar for healthy, high performing airports around the world. 

Upon the appointment, Michael commented: “I am honoured to have been selected to join the 2020 WELL Airport Advisory. Airports are unique places for both passengers and the employees that work in them and have similarly unique challenges where standard approaches used for other building types are not always appropriate. I am therefore eager to explore through this group the opportunities to apply the principles of WELL in the aviation sector to improve the quality of airport environments worldwide.”

Matthew Pierpoint, Ramboll’s global aviation director said: “I’m really excited that Michael is part of the 2020 WELL Airport Advisory, helping to shape the WELL standards for airports. Health and wellbeing in our built environment is an important issue and we need to help develop infrastructure to enhance passenger experience and working environment of staff. This appointment recognises both Michael’s and Ramboll’s expertise and experience in WELL and airport design.” 

Ramboll’s investment in WELL and support for the WELL Airport Advisory enables us to help our aviation clients differentiate themselves by offering better experiences for their passengers and staff.

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About IWBI

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is leading the global movement to transform our buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive. The WELL v2 pilot is the recently launched version of its popular WELL Building Standard, which will continue to be offered to the market, along with the WELL Community Standard pilot, a district scale rating system that sets a new global benchmark for healthy communities. WELL is focused exclusively on the ways that buildings and communities, and everything in them, can improve our comfort, drive better choices, and generally enhance, not compromise, our health and wellness. IWBI convenes and mobilizes the wellness community through management of the WELL AP credential, the pursuit of applicable research, the development of educational resources, and advocacy for policies that promote health and wellness everywhere. More information about IWBI and WELL, here.


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