Queensferry Crossing – 6 out of 9 papers selected by peer-review journal have Ramboll co-authors

8 August 2019
Hundreds of Ramboll engineers were fortunate to have worked on the Queensferry Crossing and eight went on to co-author papers recently selected by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) for a special publication.
The Queensferry Crossing, Scotland UK. Six years in the making. Many people put a lot of effort into delivering this magnificent structure. Source: Ramboll video

The Queensferry Crossing, Scotland UK. Six years in the making. Many people put a lot of effort into delivering this magnificent structure. Source: Ramboll video


The following contacts from Ramboll in UK and Denmark co-authored 6 of the 9 papers:

Peter Curran. Ramboll

Peter Curran

Spearhead Director, Major Crossings, UK
T: +44 7736 497 481

Anne Moloney

T: +45 5161 8414
Stephen West. Ramboll

Stephen West

Head of Ground Engineering, South
M: +44 7918 690 883
Steve Thompson. Ramboll

Steve Thompson

Director, Major Crossings
M: +44 7435 751 525
John Armitage. Ramboll

John Armitage

Technical Director, Bridges
M: +44 7946 484 652
Lucy Chadwick. Ramboll

Lucy Chadwick

Technical Associate, Major Crossings
T: +44 7870 810 056
Alan Ward. Ramboll

Alan Ward

Principal Engineer, Major Crossings
M: +44 7870 810 798
James Wharton. Ramboll

James Wharton

Principal Engineer, Major Crossings
M: +44 7870 807 398

ICE Proceedings, Volume 172, Issue 2, June 2019 is a special issue of Bridge Engineering journal themed on the Queensferry Crossing (QFC) road bridge over the Firth of Forth in Scotland, UK. It is a leading peer-review publication covering developments in bridge engineering and contains nine papers, six of which have authors from Ramboll. FULL DETAILS FROM THE ICE VIRTUAL LIBRARY HERE.

In the publication's foreword, The Rt. Hon. Nicola Sturgeon MSP – First Minister of Scotland writes: "My congratulations and admiration go to every person who has been involved in this record-breaking project."

Since opening in 2017 QFC has attracted admiration from industry and the public alike for its iconic status and the engineering excellence that went into its design and construction.

The authorship of these papers is indicative of how the project brought together people, skills and materials from around the world and the collaboration required to build major crossings of such scale and complexity. For example, the successful collaborative approach between the contractor, designer and employer resulted in construction processes that permitted speedy resolution of issues that were unique to the location and weather conditions. This contributed to avoidance of substantial delays.

The six papers with Ramboll co-authors are:

Ramboll involvement

Hundreds of Ramboll employees from the UK, Denmark and India are proud to have played a part in this magnificent project, including our eight featured authors who had the following roles:

  1. Peter Curran - Project Director for the Design Joint Venture comprising Ramboll, Sweco and Leonhardt and Partners
  2. Anne Moloney - Pier Design Team Leader & Concrete Deck Package Manager, Project Manager on the Design Joint Ventures Board
  3. Stephen West - Director for geotechnical engineering and main crossing foundation design leader
  4. Steve Thompson - Design Manager for the detailed design of the approach span structures including foundations, piers, deck, abutment buildings, finishes, access facilities and associated MEP
  5. John Armitage - Structures Design Team Leader for the detailed design of approach road structures including seven new bridges and modification to existing structures
  6. Lucy Chadwick - Project Engineer and technical lead for the detailed design of Ferrytoll Viaduct, a two-span steel composite box girder structure
  7. Alan Ward - Structure Team Leader for the detailed design of the superstructure for the main crossing approach viaducts
  8. James Wharton - Package Manager for main crossing foundation design, and Project Manager for Ramboll UK during construction phase.

Watch this video with subtitles.

Further information

Ramboll: Queensferry Crossing. Image courtesy of Transport Scotland

Queensferry Crossing

The Queensferry Crossing sits within a beautiful bridge-scape representing three centuries of bridge innovation. It is the UK’s tallest bridge and the world’s longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge.

Queensferry Crossing

Queensferry Crossing in Pictures

A pictorial history of the construction of the Queensferry Crossing, and in the period immediately after its opening.


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