Ramboll marine expertise at ports and coastal conferences

16 June 2017
Recent Ramboll involvement at port and coastal related conferences showcases a wealth of expertise in marine engineering and coastal science.
Numerical analysis for scour protection survey on Queensferry Crossing project. Ramboll

Numerical analysis for scour protection survey on Queensferry Crossing project. Ramboll


Melinda Odum. Ramboll

Melinda Odum

Principal Engineer, Maritime Civil and Coastal Engineering
T: +44 7870 811 562
Nick Clarke. Ramboll

Nick Clarke

Division Director - Marine
T: +44 23 8081 7500
Stephen West. Ramboll

Stephen West

Head of Ground Engineering, South
M: +44 7918 690 883

Coastal Dynamics, 12-16 June 2017

Coastal Dynamics in Helsingør, Denmark, attracted an international gathering of researchers, scientists and engineers, including Scandinavian coastal authorities to advance understanding, research and applications in coastal processes.

Ramboll delivered three separate papers in a show of marine engineering expertise. Presentations were made on the Queensferry Crossing Scour Protection Design (Melinda Odum), Beach Nourishment and Erosion Protection on Inner Danish Coasts (Elisabeth Baden and Jesper Aarosiin Hansen) and Wave Height Distribution for Non-Linear Swell Waves in Deep and Depth-Limited Wave Conditions (Joergen Nørgaard).

The series of Coastal Dynamics conferences series presents recent applied and basic research concerning coastal waves and currents, interactions between wind, water and sediments, and morphology changes in different morphological environments (with and without structures) such as sandy, rocky, and muddy coasts, inlets, and estuaries.

9th Annual UK Ports Conference, 23-24 May 2017

Last month at the 9th Annual UK Ports Conference in London, Nick Clarke delivered: ‘Delivering infrastructure to support changing shipping patterns and sizes while maintaining operations’. Issues covered included: The impact of market changes on port infrastructure how we design terminal facilities for improved performance; Capturing new business through infrastructure changes; and Adapting port infrastructure without impacting existing operations.

Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo, 27-28 Sept 2017

Later this year in September at the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo in London, Stephen West’s presentation on the upgrade of Port Jorf Lasfar, Morocco, will focus on the interface between the designer and the contractor to deliver value on complex port projects. Stephen is responsible for providing ground engineering services on infrastructure and transport projects, and is design team leader for the foundations of the Queensferry Crossing.


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