Ramboll wins climate adaptation project in New York City

29 March 2016
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection has selected Ramboll to conduct a best practice study on cloudburst resiliency planning in order to further strengthen the city's ability to plan and execute complex climate adaptation projects in the future.

Christian Nyerup Nielsen

Director, Climate Adaptation & Landscape
T: +45 5161 6277

Henrik Stener Pedersen

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The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) has recently selected Ramboll to conduct a study entitled Cloudburst Resiliency Planning Study – Best Practices for Managing Stormwater in a Changing Climate.

"This is very exciting project where we combine our technical and socio-economic competences in order to support one of the world's most amazing cities with their important efforts on climate adaptation and blue-green infrastructure," says Christian Nyerup Nielsen, Global Service Line Leader for Climate Adaptation and Flood-Risk Management in Ramboll. 

Initially, Ramboll will recommend and test approaches to assess the costs and benefits of incorporating heavy rainfall into ongoing planning and future investments in climate adaptation solutions.

Ramboll will bring in experience from similar projects in other urban areas around the world, e.g. Copenhagen where Ramboll has developed a cloudburst mitigation strategy for four 'catchment areas'.

Thorough analysis key to successful projects

Ideally, any climate adaption project includes a socio-economic dimension. Preferably, a multi-disciplinary one stresses Jonathan A. Leonardsen, Consultant and in Ramboll Management Consulting and a Liveable City Expert:

“If a climate adaption project takes into account the recreational value, and by this the likely increase in real estate prices for instance, a bigger coalition can be formed. So by engaging numerous stakeholders and estimate their return on investment, cities will not only broaden the span of project possibilities but equally create economic leverage, buy-in and co-ownership."

The project has just been kicked off and it will be led on a daily basis by Ramboll's Water team based in the US.


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