Greater energy sector use of Scottish ports

27 January 2016
With offshore decommissioning activity predicted to increase significantly, a study has shown that the energy sector will be making greater use of Scottish ports.
Greenhead Base decommissioning facility, Lerwick Harbour, Shetland, Scotland UK (c) Lerwick Port Authority

Greenhead Base decommissioning facility, Lerwick Harbour, Shetland, Scotland UK (c) Lerwick Port Authority

Ramboll is speaking at the Scottish Energy Ports conference ‘Meeting Future Industry Requirements’ in Aberdeen on the 28th of January. We are presenting a scenario planning exercise completed for a client group, comprising Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Decom North Sea, which assessed the optimal mix of port infrastructure and key criteria for Scottish Ports to engage in offshore decommissioning activity.

The Decommissioning Opportunity

Offshore decommissioning activity in the UKCS is predicted to increase significantly in the coming decades, based on aging offshore assets and the significant reduction in the price of oil. Current predictions estimate between £30-40 billion will be spent on decommissioning in the UKCS and so decommissioning activity presents a significant market opportunity. To capitalise on this, Scotland’s ports will be required to communicate their offer effectively to potential clients, including their infrastructure and supply chain capability as well as their flexibility in procurement approaches in order to benefit from this evolving industry.

Ramboll’s Study

The scenario planning exercise involved developing predictive scenario plans for a selected range of Scotland’s port infrastructure, specifically relating to offshore decommissioning. These scenario plans aim to demonstrate the potential market share from offshore decommissioning that could be captured by Scotland’s ports over the time period 2016 – 2030, based on a range of assumptions and indicative investment levels.

The study used publically available information to evaluate both existing UK and European port infrastructure for offshore decommissioning, with direct input from Oil & Gas Operators and key industry stakeholders.

Our conference presentation will include an overview of the project stages, the 4 predictive scenario plans for Scotland’s ports and the method used for predicting the overall market share that Scotland’s ports could capture. Alastair Mckenzie (Senior Project Manager, Project Management) and Alex Room (Senior Mechanical Engineer, Marine) who are presenting our work, aim to demonstrate that Scottish ports have the potential to benefit significantly from expenditure in the offshore decommissioning market with the appropriate investment.

The Scottish Energy Ports Conference

To build on the ports current role, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise are taking forward a programme of work to support greater energy sector use of Scottish port infrastructure and the associated supply chain and facilities. The conference will host influential Scottish port authorities (public and private sector) and key industry stakeholders, comprising Oil & Gas Operators and supply chain companies, and aims to increase dialogue and synergies between ports and energy sector users. We hope you can join us. You can find out more here.


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