Film captures Mersey Gateway remediation milestone

10 January 2015
Halton Borough Council released footage capturing the end of the remediation works at Catalyst Trade Park, which was supervised by Ramboll’s Peter Fitch, and forms part of the wider Mersey Gateway project.
Peter Fitch, Ramboll, supervisor on the Mersey Gateway remediation contract

Peter Fitch, Ramboll, supervisor on the Mersey Gateway remediation contract


Phil Studds

Regional Director Northern Environment’
T: +44 7931 709 943

The film is available to view at the Mersey Gateway website and was created by DTW, Halton Borough Council’s PR consultant. Its release coincided with the contract completion date, when Ramboll received confirmation from the Environment Agency and Halton Borough Council that they were satisfied that the objectives of the remediation works had been achieved.

The video was filmed when remediation works at Catalyst Trade Park were switched off, having successfully recovered almost 17 tonnes of chlorinated solvent contamination from beneath the ground.  We invited representatives from Halton Borough Council, including the Chief Executive and the Leader of the Council, to mark this achievement and show how the site was prepared for construction works to commence in the coming months. 

Peter Fitch remarked on the positive impressions made on the Council and regulators: “The Council was impressed to see that the main focus of the contract for the remediation works was to procure a contractor that would undertake work to a high standard and maximise the amount of contamination recovered. This would therefore deliver greater value for money to the Council .  The Council were also delighted that the works were completed on-time and on-budget.”

Phil Studds was Project Manager for the remediation contract, and Peter Fitch acted as the Supervisor. Peter was onsite full-time during the remediation works, which took 13 months to complete. 

Ramboll is now undertaking an investigation into  groundwater quality outside Catalyst Trade Park on behalf of the Council in addition to undertaking further assessment of Bowers Brook, a culverted watercourse that flows through the Project area.

The remediation contract and investigations were part of a programme of advance works undertaken by the Council to mitigate risk to the main Mersey Gateway DBFO contract, with Ramboll acting as the client’s lead Technical Advisor.

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The Mersey Gateway completed. Image courtesy of Merseylink

The Mersey Gateway

It is a new six-lane cable-stayed tolled bridge across the Mersey Estuary between Runcorn and Widnes. The central feature of the significant highway improvements between the M56 and Speke Road. 


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