Discussing the implications of the revised Food, Drink and Milk industry BREF

25 October 2019

Ramboll is hosting a second webinar in collaboration with the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), which will summarise the revised best available techniques (BAT) for permitted food and drink manufacturing facilities and discuss how these changes will be reflected in the regulation of the Food, Drink and Milk sector.

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Richard Wood

Senior Managing Consultant
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The European Commission is set to release its updated Food, Drink and Milk BAT Reference Document (FDM BRef) in October 2019. The document will outline the expected environmental performance levels for facilities producing food, drink and milk products that are regulated under the Industrial Emissions Directive, including details of processes and techniques to be used to ensure that the industry is sustainable and emission levels kept low.

The webinar, which will be presented by Richard Wood (Leeds, UK), covers the specific requirements of the BRef, highlighting the changes from the previous 2006 version. It will also discuss the expectations of the environmental regulator, the timetable for compliance and any opportunities to present alternative approaches. Permitted sites will understand what they need to do to demonstrate compliance with the BRef and managing interactions with their regulator.

For more information or to register for this FREE WEBINAR, visit the FDF website or contact Richard Wood


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