Discussing the transition to net-zero carbon in the food and drink sector

16 September 2019

Ramboll is hosting a webinar next month in collaboration with the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) to examine ways in which businesses working in the sector can best address the challenges and opportunities presented by the emerging decarbonisation agenda.

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Guy Robertson. Ramboll

Guy Robertson

Principal Consultant, Energy
T: +44 7980 944 109

Nick Howard

T: +44 161 242 7878

The FDF is the representative body for the UK food and drink industry, the largest manufacturing sector in the country. They are responsible for supporting their members whilst they operate in an appropriately regulated marketplace, and communicate industry values and concerns to government, regulators and consumers.

The webinar and following roundtable discussion will led by Nick Howard (Environment & Health) and Guy Robertson (Energy) who will address strategic and operational aspects of decarbonisation, respectively. Questions to be addressed by the webinar will include:

  • What is decarbonisation?
  • Why is it increasingly of strategic importance to food and drink producers?
  • What are the implications, challenges and opportunities for food and drink producers?
  • What are the main elements of an effective industrial decarbonisation strategy?
  • What might a decarbonised food and drink business look like?

The session will be held at 11:30am on 10th October 2019.


Help us to help you

We’re keen to ensure that the webinar captures the information that our clients want and need and would welcome the opportunity to prepare responses to any questions or challenges that organisations would like to discuss. As such we are asking those with an interest in the sector to answer a number of questions, the responses from which we will consider when we finalise the webinar content.

Please take a few minutes to respond to Guy Robertson, providing your answers to some or all of the following questions and any others that you believe are key to the process of decarbonisation:

1. Does your company have or intend to develop a Decarbonisation Strategy?

2. Has or will your company set specific carbon reduction targets, and are these science-based?

3. Do you believe that it is achievable for your company to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050?

4. Where do you see the biggest scope for carbon reduction and what technologies do you intend to use to deliver these savings?

5. What are the most significant barriers you perceive to decarbonising your business?


Thank you for your assistance. For more information and to register for this FREE webinar visit the FDF website


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