Business continuity in uncertain times

7 April 2020
In light of the developing impact of COVID-19 please rest assured we are fully focused on supporting our clients and living up to our commitments. 
COVID-19 Statement banner

COVID-19 Statement banner


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Mathew Riley“Ramboll remains dedicated to protecting our people and their loved ones, continuing to meet our commitments to our clients, and protecting our business in the long term.”

Mathew Riley - UK Managing Director


Supporting our clients: Front of mind throughout this crisis is delivering on our commitments to clients and supporting them in steering their way through this crisis in a responsible way. We remain fully mobilised to support clients and are very much open for ‘business as usual’ in the current new working norm, supporting both existing projects and taking on new work. Our workforce was quick to be well-established in working from home and we have taken measures to ensure our people can continue to work from home as safely and comfortably as possible, whether for short or more extended periods of time. 

Continued site work: With construction and associated sectors identified as ‘Essential Workers’, Ramboll is continuing to support our clients with site work wherever government advice permits, as long as it is safe to do so, and we can travel safely to and from the site. We are acutely aware of the importance of the construction sector in the UK and will work closely with our clients to support their activities and manage their sites safely. We have a strong H&S culture across the company and as well as undertaking our usual risk assessments before travel to a site and upon arrival, we will carefully assess practices with respect to hygiene, social distancing and PPE during the COVID-19 outbreak and will exercise our ‘stop work authority’ if we feel it necessary. Our employees will also carry their ‘essential worker’ documentation should anyone need to see it. 

H&S advice: Ramboll has an internationally renowned H&S team, supporting clients with H&S related challenges and solutions all around the world. Our team includes health scientists, infectious disease epidemiologists, occupational health specialists, environmental health and safety (EHS) practitioners, supply chain management, facility engineering specialists, GIS and data management, and site decontamination experts. With especially sharp focus on H&S during the Coronavirus crisis, Ramboll is here to help, please contact Michael Shaw on 07764 660387 or Rob Steer on 07970 286 026. 

Virtual meetings: We have a multitude of well-established digital collaboration tools that are integrated into our daily working practices and have therefore easily transferred planned meetings with colleagues, clients and wider project teams to these platforms and have established a team dedicated to helping clients who may need help with adopting digital technologies, please contact us via for assistance. There may be circumstances where a face-to-face meeting is deemed critical. We will take a risk-based approach on a case-by-case basis and will strive to accommodate requests for in-person meetings as long as it is safe to do so.

Offices and home working: Following UK government advice, we have mobilised all employees to work from home. We have long-operated agile, paperless and hot desk office environments, where every employee has a laptop and mobile phone and makes great use of digital collaboration technologies. We also have well-established highly flexible working practices that regularly saw large numbers of employees working from home. Consequently, we were able to quickly mobilise our people to work from home whilst maintaining high productivity levels. Our offices are used only for essential activities and in exceptional circumstances, with rigorous processes in place to carefully manage use. Offices are however being kept open and maintained and this will help us re-mobilise people back into offices when the government advises it is safe to do so. 

Business continuity planning: From the leadership down, we are focused on our continued ability to protect our people and support our clients. We have business continuity plans in place and are monitoring and evolving our plans on a daily basis to ensure we remain agile and responsive throughout the global crisis. Ramboll has well-established resource planning and work sharing practices, are very used to working in global virtual teams and enjoy a strong one-company culture that values and rewards collaboration and co-operation. If we endure particularly high absence levels, we are well set-up to share work around our 16,500 strong global network, where our tools, practices and day-to-day behaviours would protect our continued ability to meet our clients demands.  

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