COP21 – the story so far

3 December 2015
As we enter the 4th day of talks at COP21, our experts have been busily blogging on topics from food waste, to climate justice and resilience to integrated transport systems and more...
COP21 the story so far. Ramboll

COP21 the story so far. Ramboll

Will Laurent Fabius be able to say “Our mission has been accomplished.”? We sincerely hope so, and some promising talks appear to have taken place but there is still some way to go.

As we move through the proceedings our experts are watching, following and commenting and blogging. Take a look at our COP21 blog here.

Our blog topics have spanned:

  • Food waste, and that if food waste were a country it would be the 3rd largest emitter in the world!
  • Achieving climate resilience and justice – for all, whose climate justice takes priority?
  • A viewpoint that climate change is part of sustainability and not the other way around and a challenge to re-learn some fundamentals
  • Tackling transport emissions, all about transport operators or is it up to the public?
  • Can governments take in and plan for a 250-year horizon? Can we buck the trend of short term focus?

Much more to come next week, follow our blog here.

Download our thought papers

Are you following us on Here you can find a wealth of information, insights and ideas, including thought pieces on subjects such as;

  • How public decision making can make cities liveable
  • Cloudbursts and flooding – a catasrophe or opportunity?
  • Making the dream real: climate friendly urban mobility
  • Creating cost effective and low carbon cities

You can view these papers here, with more in this series to be published next week. 


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